Christmas 2011

After staying about 10 days in Falmouth, caught up with a few friends and packed all my stuff, I went to London to meet up my parents, who arrived on Christmas day. It was not a very good option as all the public transportation were closed so in the end I hired a cab to pick them up from the airport.

I spent Christmas Eve with Jie, Darren, Jenni, Christie, Cynthia, Evgeny, Wei Cheang and Tina. It was really good to see all of them again. We met up at Chinatown and had dinner together. I was so happy to have chicken rice but without the chili sauce, it felt like something was mising. After that we went over to River Thane and walked around. We passed by London Eye and Tower Bridge. We wanted to visit a Christmas market but it was already closed and we could not find a place to drink. Almost everything was closed. We ended up buying alcohol and countdown at Darren’s old apartment. It was past 3am when Darren and I left but we all had a good time.

Christmas day was relaxing. I woke up shortly past 11am. We had breakfast and played Monopoly. It used to be my favourite game when I was younger. Thanks to Kelly’s Mum, we had Christmas cookies!!! My parents arrived after 5pm. I was happy to see them after so long. We had dinner together. Later at night, Darren and I went over to Christie and the rest and stayed there until about 2am. A few of them were already drunk when we got there. It was not a crazy celebration for me but it was nice hanging out with my friends!

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