Zurich, Oerlikon and Uetliberg

Thanks to my friend, Victoria, who visited me a few months back. As I haven’t really visited Zurich for quite some time, it took us three days to visit Zurich city, Oerlikon and Uetliberg because I could not remember the direction. When my parents came this time, I already knew the way to all the places and surprisingly it only took only a day to see everything! Since I have written about Zurich in my previous blog, I will make it short. Unlike my previous visit with Victoria, the weather was lovely this time!

We took a train to Oerlikon, the place where I studied. I showed them the small city and not forgetting the famous spot where people play chess. We also went to my school – Kantonsschule Oerlikon. It was still Christmas holidays so we could not go into the buildings, just looked around the school compound.

After that, we took the tram to Zurich city and visited Landesmuseum, St. Peter Church, Fraumünster, Grossmünster, Zürich Universität, Kinderspital (thanks to Angela as she works there)…etc. We had Kalbsbratwurst and it was delicious! My Dad and I even paid CHF4 each to climb up Grossmünster while my Mum fell asleep while waiting for us. It even snowed that day! My Dad was really excited to be in the snow!

When we took a train to Uetliberg, the weather was pretty bad. Besides, it was getting darker. However, the weather was unexpectedly nice when we arrived! It had stopped raining or maybe snowing and the sky was clear. Even so, the temperature was still cold. The pathway up was covered with snow, thus making it more difficult to walk as it was really slippery. I felt like a really slow turtle…well, better slow than slip and fall. The view was breathtaking from above, even though we didn’t go up the tower.

It was already dark when we left. It was a long but definitely a fulfilling day! The day did not end like that as that very night, the villagers would ring the famous Swiss bells as they walked around the village. It is a annual tradition. Each year a few hosts would volunteer to prepare food and hot drinks for them. Like every year, Gabi was one of the hosts. They came at 2am. I wanted to help my host Mum but I was so tired that I fell asleep and only woke up shortly before 2am. As I slept over at my neighbour, when I came over, Gabi was sleeping so I woke her and my parents up. We prepared everything and waited for them. Even before they arrived, we could already hear the bells ringing from afar. They came and had something to eat and drink. My Dad took a few pictures. A few of them spoke to my parents in English. Before they left, a few of them had to wave a whip into the air. With the right technique and correct amount of strength, it will cause a loud smack in the air. They continued to walk to other parts of the village after that. My parents, especially my Dad, was very excited to experience Swiss tradition! We went to bed after clearing up the place.


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