New Year Eve 2011

Rheinfall is a natural attraction that the locals will recommend for a visit if one visits Zurich. It is also the largest waterfall in Europe. I have been there many times. It has never changed but the water level differed. Gabi suggested to bring my parents there for a visit. The weather was quite cold that day and it was also very cloudy, therefore the photos did not turn up nice.

We also visited Munot, a circular 16th century fortification south of the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. It is surrounded by vineyards and serves as the city’s symbol. Today, it is a tourist attraction and hosts various events. Instead of climbing up, Gabi drove us there. I have been there a few times with Alissa and it is a place to have a bird eye’s view of the city.

It is very common to visit Stein am Rhein if you are in Schaffhausen. It is a city famous for its very unique architecture. It was a public holiday and Gabi was afraid that it would be very crowded, therefore we went somewhere else instead. It is a very small town and not very interesting. There was a very old bridge across the Rhein river. We only made a short walk around the town and headed back home.

It was 31st of December 2011. Hence, we had a dinner together, my favourite meal! In the meantime, we watched TV while waiting for the countdown. When the clock struck 12am, we had a toast and watched fireworks around Rumlang.

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