A walk around Rümlang and Baden

Rümlang is not big but there is always somewhere to walk around. It is situated very near to the airport. I showed my parents around the village. We walked past the church, community house, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, shops, pubs…etc. Then we walked towards the railway station and crossed under to the other side. We walked across an overhead bridge towards the airport. The weather was very nice. We could even see the mountain covered in snow. It was a nice walk in the suburb.

In the evening, we went to Baden to visit Alissa’s host parents – Odo and Christa. I was really happy to see them again! They still looked the same. We had evening tea before they showed us around Baden. My parents like Baden, it is bigger than Rumlang. It is a city but smaller than Zurich. The scenery is also very nice. Odo fetched us back before dinner time as my host family has prepared dinner for us.

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