The fun of winter

For someone who comes from a tropical country, it is really exciting to see snow of the first time, to feel the texture and the cold biting into the bones and to immerse oneself in a white fairyland. I could still remember how stunned I was to play in the snow for the first time. I believed that was how my Dad felt when he was in Switzerland, surrounded by metres-high snow. Gabi drove us up the mountain so that my parents would have an opportunity to see snow and maybe try skiing. My Dad could not stop taking photos of the snow outside while we were on the way up.

I was glad to see that it was snowing. The last time I came with Victoria, it hadn’t snow yet. Now it was below 0°C. As usual, the temperature in the house was colder and it took time to heat up the house. When I opened the window in the room, I could see thick snow outside. The weather was lovely. Although it was below 0°C, the sun was shining bright and hot above.

After we settled in, we changed and went up to Arosa. Gabi suggested us to go for sledging. My Mum would go with her on one while I would go on one with my Dad. We first had to rent the equipment.

We took a bus up. As usual, it was so crowded and we had to squeezed inside. The bus only drove us halfway up the mountain. We continued walking up. It was quite tiring for my parents, especially my Mum as they were not used to walk so much and every step became heavier when they put on so many layers of clothes. The best part about walking is to enjoy the view as it was breathtaking. It would be different if we had taken the cable car.

Click here to view the video!

When we reached the spot where we could sledge down, we first had lunch. I believed all of us were really hungry. We only went sledging after that. We met our neighbour at the restaurant. Doris and her granddaughter, Lara, sledged down with us. I went down with my Dad and it was not as scary as I thought it would be.

Doris invited us to their place for a quick drink. She has another granddaughter, Gina and she was so cute, smiled a lot too! We did not stay long there as we had to drive back to Peist and prepare dinner. It was a long but definitely fun day!

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