Sledging in a snowstorm

I thought I would have the chance to snowboard but we went sledging for two days. The second day we went to Hochwang. It was snowing when we left. Unlike Arosa, we had to go up by a ski-lift. It was snowing real bad on the way up. It took approximately 10-15 minutes or maybe more to reach the top. Of all this time going up on a ski-lift, this was the worst one. It was snowing so heavily and the icy cold wind was blowing hard ahead of us. Even with thick gloves, my hands were freezing. I could barely raise my head and look front. Gabi was quite worried for my parents. If both of us felt cold, it must be even colder for my parents, who were not used to winter.

Gabi’s plan was to walk further up to a restaurant and sledge down. It would take us about an hour to walk. However, the weather was not getting any better and she was afraid that it might get worse. After having some hot drinks, we decided not to walk further up but sledge down immediately. We were not sure how clear the visibility was but it was better not to take any risk. It stopped snowing when we sledged down. Gabi went with my Mum, whereas my Dad and I each sledge down on our own. As the snow was thick, it did not hurt even if we fell off. Most of the journey, we had to walk as the snow was very soft and it would not slide down. Even so, both of my parents had fun trying out schlittern for the first time!

Click here to view the video!


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