My home for year 2012

As the boat slowed down towards the jetty, I have to admit that the beauty of Perhentian Island captured my heart. I felt warm when the village kids came over to welcome me. They were excited to have foreign faces around the kampung. However, as I walked towards the Ecoteer House, I couldn’t stop noticing rubbish in every corner of the village, partly due to the monsoon but mainly because of ignorance. When the monsoon ends, rubbish will be collected and shipped out to the mianland but during the monsoon season, the villagers will have to burn the rubbish. The first few days were spent cleaning the house. I was really lucky to have the kids, Dan and Lucy to help lighten the workload. Everyone helped out to wash the kitchen and toilet, sweep the compound, rearrange boxes and etc. The feeling of seeing a turtle egg shell under the house was heartbreaking. I was told that many still consume turtle eggs here. I believe the villagers can be educated of the importance of keeping the village clean and protecting the turtles. Ecoteer House is like a playhouse for kids to gather after school. After playing a few board games with them, I realised many cannot read and write, sadly not only English but in their own mother tongue too. At that moment, I knew it is important to improve their language skills, as well as instill environmental awareness. I also had a chance to go snorkelling. Most of the corals were broken and pieces of them were washed ashore. Hopefully as the raining season ends, the corals will start growing. As I sat on a hammock watching the sun set, in my heart I felt that this is a beautiful island and definitely worth all the effort to protect it.

Jetty to Kampung Pulau Perhentian

Bird's eye view of Kampong Pasir Hantu at Perhentian Island

A quick break for local delicacy - Kepok Lekor

Kids enjoying themselves in the house

A kid fetching water from a well

A welcome Malay dinner with our neighbour

Long-awaited snorkelling trip

One of the turtle nesting beaches at Perhentian Islands

A breathtaking view from the hill top

Relaxing while watching sunset at Petani Beach

One thought on “My home for year 2012

  1. i somehow feel that you were born as a spoksperson for the sea and island 🙂
    hope i can pay you a visit soon. if time allows i would love to join this conservation work.

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