First dive at Perhentian

I’m not entirely sure if diving is my cup of tea but my principle is to give everything a shot, at least once! Never try, never know. I last dived back in 2005, precisely 7 years ago. Wow! I started diving when I worked at Redang Island. I went for more than enough dive when I did the Open Water Diver course. It was a benefit to be a staff as diving was FOC and I paid much cheaper for the course.

Like I said, I love the sea but at the same time, I’m terrified of the marine creatures I will see. The only challenging part during my first shore dive was the buoyancy. I was either ascending or descending, instead of swimming straight. I did not really notice the marine life around me as I was busy pushing buttons! Although I was feeling scared on every dive, it got better. However, after 5 days of doing almost 3 dives per day, I started having problem to equalize. My ears hurt a lot and I felt like my hearing was partly impaired. I went for ear check-up after I left Redang and it took one month to heal. Ever since I have phobia going back to dive.

I have been at Perhentian for almost 5 months and this was my first dive here. If it wasn’t for Andi and Jason, I probably wouldn’t have gone yet. Nice having them as buddies! I almost chickened out in the morning but I’m glad I went. The water visibility had been quite bad lately and we were really lucky that visibility was clear! I knew I was anxious and worried about equalizing during diving.

Andi and I left earlier for a refresher’s course. I definitely needed one looking at the fact that my last dive was 7 years ago! We did our fun dive with Universal Diver and Ali was our divemaster. As usual, it started with filling in forms and going through a few questions about diving. The worst would be putting on the wet suit! Damn, I felt like I was dying from sweat! While I was putting on the flippers, I could even see drops of sweat dripping on them! He then showed us the equipment and how to put it on. We started with a shore dive. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Nothing much to watch during shore dive, except for stinging jellyfish, which were floating everywhere!

My dive equipment

My buddy – Andi

After a short break, we all went for a boat dive at D’Lagoon. I have only been there once for snorkel trip. Everyone says that this used to be the best and most beautiful snorkel site at Perhentian. There were already a few dive boats there, seemed like this still was a famous site among divers. Boat dive wasn’t that scary this time. I used to have trouble going down but it was pretty easy this time. Yet I had trouble to equalize my left ear and at one point it hurt so bad that I had to ascend and tried again. Luckily it got better. I got to say the dive was really fun! We saw a lot of marine life but nothing beat the lagoon ray! Damn, it was HUGE! Jason was saying he kept looking for its tail, just in case…hahahaha!

Boat dive with Andi and Jason


Finally hit the bottom!

Time to explore the ocean!

A good dive 🙂

Sea fan??

Jenkin’s Whipray


Blue Ring Angelfish

Clown anemonefish

It was just a 45 min dive but definitely GOOD!! Although I was still worried about my ear but it didn’t hurt anymore. I actually plan to do my advanced but not gonna start the coming week. I feel like I need to give my ear a break! After we got back, we just chilled with Charlotte at Universal Dive Centre. It was a good day off!

Heading back to the dive centre

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