All In One

活到老,学到老 is a Chinese proverb that says you live until you are old and you learn until you are old.

It is my passion to explore and learn new things. It gives me a sense of fulfillment when I try something new and being able to achieve something is satisfying. The first week of August, we actually had 19 volunteers within a week who arrived and left on different days at different times of the day. Thank God Charmaine came and Jason was a great help. Of course I was lucky to have awesome volunteers too! I couldn’t imagine managing everything on my own. Even so, within that one week, I realised I could be the all-in-one person. It was no longer just multi-tasking but to have the ability to pretty much do everything. I was the …

MANAGER – delegate task and ensure everything runs smoothly, do logistical arrangement and liaise between staff, volunteers and locals.

ACCOUNTANT – record down all the expenses and update the account.

CHEF – buy and prepare ingredients, delegate task in the kitchen, cook and make sure that everyone has a good meal.

HOUSEKEEPER – clean the house, change bedsheet, do laundry and wash dishes.

GARDENER – water the plants, sweep the falling leaves, pull out weeds and loosen the soil.

PAINTER – buy news paints, paint a house, clean the brushes and trays.

ARTIST – do mural painting.

RECEPTIONIST – take care of enquiries, do wake-up calls, check-ins and check-outs, collect money and make phone calls.

RUBBISH COLLECTOR – do composting by going around the village with a wheelbarrow to collect food waste.

SNORKEL GUIDE – arrange for snorkel tour and make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time snorkelling

TOUR GUIDE – do village tour for volunteers, explain the history and landmarks in the village.

CONSTRUCTION LADY – scrape the old paint off a wall using an electronic grinder and carrying bricks or building materials.

TEACHER – organise three weekly school clubs and teach the kids.

ENTERTAINER – playing with the kids and social entertainment at Long Beach.

SHOPPER – do grocery shopping every Monday.

MEDICAL ASSISTANT – medical help for volunteers when they are sick or injured.

INTERPRETER – my main task is to interpret for the volunteers and locals to get the message across.

That was when I realised I actually could and really wish that I had the skills and experiences that I lack off, such as gardening, carpentry, wiring, etc. Whenever I self-improve, it gives satisfaction! I guess that’s life, as I age, my experiences grow, which explains why the elderly people always say:

我吃的盐比你吃的米多 which means I ate more salt than you eating rice! Salt is usually consumed in a small quantity so if you actually ate more salt than the other person eating rice, you have lived a longer time than him/her and definitely have more life experiences.

Although I have a lot to do at work here, I know the more I do, the more I learn. I just have to remember not to put everything on me and do it on my own but learn to trust and delegate tasks to others.


One thought on “All In One

  1. Happen to do abit of snooping and stumbled upon your blog. Nice piece of writing, indeed looking at it each of us are wearing different hats for different tasks at hand! Kudos to you. Anyway, you look good with the beautiful tanned skintone and bright smile. Viel Glück!!!!

    à bientôt,
    pleng 🙂

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