Happy 55th Independence Day!

If it wasn’t for the school, I would had forgotten about our National Day. Being on an island, nobody talked much about it. No radio, no tv, just crappy internet. The school celebrated Merdeka Day in conjunction with Raya on Thursday and we were invited to be part of it. While preparing for Ecoteer Club in the morning, we took turn to go to the school to join in the celebration. The children were colouring the national flag and this year marks the 55th year of independence in Malaysia. It was lovely to see everyone in their Raya traditional clothes. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take more photos. The kids offered lots of Raya cookies, yum yum! We even had Nasi Minyak for lunch.

School kids in their baju Raya!

After lunch, Cam, Rejini and I went up the garden. We cleared the pathway to the garden. It was a hot day but the ocean looked like a paradise. We swept the dried leaves, watered the plants and Cam even sprayed some homemade chili-ginger solution which smelled like the chili sauce for chicken rice, on the plants to keep the grasshoppers at bay. Before we left, I took a lot of photos, trying out different settings and realised that by using the underwater setting, the photos turned up really good! On the way down, I came across a construction worker and chat a while. The new apartments for the locals will be ready in 8 months time. If only I were a local from this village. The apartments would have a fantastic sea view! In the meantime, Jason, Shanice and Chiara were scraping the wall using electric grinders. We left first and had some drinks while walking back. I think I probably got tanner but undeniably, I enjoyed the work!

The view on the way to the community garden

It was Chiara’s last night so we decided to go to Long Beach. I usually go there on Saturday’s night as Sunday is a day off but there are always exceptions. It started to rain when we were having dinner. However, the water supply went off and the gals had to shower by the well.

A fish was caught in the bucket when I tried to show the gals how to fetch water!

The rain stopped so we took a boat there at about 10pm. It was a good night. As usual, the beach became alive after 12am. It wasn’t until I saw the fireworks that I remembered it was already 31st of August – our National Day! Monkey juice, shisha, good company and lotsa dancing, midnight swim in the ocean under a full moon…life is indeed good!

Chilling at Long Beach

Midnight dip in the ocean and the water was warmer than the air!

Although work is overwhelming at times, I am grateful to be working here! Life has its ups and downs but in some way the ocean has its way to sooth my soul. I wish I can always live by the beach and be near the ocean!

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