Island life!

Two of Ecoteer’s past volunteers came back to Perhentian for holidays. I was supposed to meet them up at Long Beach to party on Saturday night but it rained so heavily that we had to call the night off. Luckily I had the Sunday off so we met up for lunch at Bubu Resort. The Penne Cabonara was delicious! I was also told that our favourite bar – Black Tip was burned down earlier that day. No more dance floor!

After lunch I went diving with Cam and Jason. We went to Turtle Beach (only imaginary turtles) and it was probably my least favourite dive site. Most of the corals are dead. However, I saw a massive Jenkin’s stingray lying on the sand, some lionfish, a few crown of thorns, tiny shrimps, fish…etc. It was quite a peaceful dive. Someone said diving is like meditating. I enjoy watching the marine life where fish swim around corals or chase after other fish.

We had dinner at Cocohut, expensive but worth every cent of it. The divers from Universal Diver had a party that night and we all joined them. Jason’s dream to be a DJ came true but eventually I grew tired of the sound of gun shots and siren! Everyone partied really hard! In my head I was thinking, holy shit, I had to wake up early the next day to catch the 8am boat to Kuala Besut. We left after 2am and I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow. Thank God, I managed to wake up but was feeling real tired the whole day! Nevertheless, it was a good Sunday! Thanks Universal Diver for hosting such a good party! We all also agreed that this pretty much sums up the day of a diver – dive, party and ‘talk’!

The interns – Jason and Cam

The volunteers – Regini, Shanice and Lilian

Charlotte, the manager and Steve, the instructor

Marek, my AOW instructor

Ali, the smiley instructor


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