In Love

I didn’t know I would miss the sea until I left the island for a vacation to Sabah. Sabah has many popular islands too but didn’t make a visit to any. Gabi and Marianne were already at Perhentian Island for 10 days, I thought they would rather go somewhere else. The whole trip was mainly in tropical forests, by the rivers or in the city.

It felt weird in the beginning not to hear the sound of waves. However, I eventually got used to the sound of chirping birds and frogs. The urge to dip into the swimming pool was strong when I arrived at Sepilok Jungle Resort but the pool was already closed. Two nights there and I didn’t have the opportunity to use the pool. The accommodation I stayed in after that didn’t have a pool. We were at Kintabatangan River but no swimming due to the presence of crocodiles.

When I got back to Perhentian, I was so eager to go into the sea. We brought the kids to Tiga Ruang for Eco-Snorkel Club! Gosh, I could not explain the feeling of being back in the sea! The weather was bad, it rained a bit and the water wasn’t clear but I still enjoyed the dip. After sending the kids back, we went to Teluk KK for another swim. It started raining heavily. It felt warm in the water while the rain drops hit hard on my head.

Today we had a snorkel tour in the morning! We stopped first at Turtle Beach. It was quite choppy and I didn’t really have the opportunity to snorkel as I had to attend to a new volunteer who probably tried snorkelling for the first time. She had quite some difficulties with the mask and snorkel. However, a big clap for her for not giving up!

The second stop was at Turtle Bay, a site famous as turtle feeding ground. When we got there, there was so many tourist around. A few of us saw the turtle when it came up to the surface to take a breath. When I got into the sea, I couldn’t see the turtle anywhere. The visibility was quite bad.

The next stop was Teluk KK. Cam and I did a coral survey. Although the weather wasn’t sunny, the water was clear. It felt good to dive into the sea and swim around the corals and fish. We saw a triggerfish, a blue spotted ray resting under a coral, different types of anemonefish, damselfish, butterflyfish, etc. We left the coral charts back on the boat after surveying 24 corals. It was time to just enjoy the underwater. Rafi, our boatman, had to shout for us a few times to get us out of the water.

The last site at Shark Point was the best! There were times where I was the only one who saw a shark but I’m glad this time quite a few of us saw at least one and it was also a huge one! Lucky me, I saw one swam past four times. The first three times were probably the same shark but the last time was a really big one! The corals were amazingly beautiful! I so wished I had an underwater camera! Looking at the marine life, it’s not a wonder why the coral reefs are also known as the rainforest of the ocean! In short,

I’m so in love with the ocean! 

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