Aria is back!

After one month apart from my baby, Aria (yes, Aria is my handphone), I’m so glad to have it back again. When it fell out of my pocket, I heard it hit the bricks on the ground. I picked it up and saw cracks on the screen. At that moment, I wished I could turn back time but life doesn’t work that way. Although I felt sad about it, I remember the saying ‘you can’t change what has already happened so don’t waste your time thinking about it. MOVE ON, LET GO & GET OVER IT! After doing some research and making some phone calls, I decided to fix it. It cost me RM433 to change the touch screen. Not cheap but still cheaper than buying a new one. I’m grateful that it came back to me looking and functioning just as good as new! I had missed Aria as it took me some time until I became familiar to a basic phone. No sliding my fingers around the screen, tapping on the letters but buttons instead. It’s just awesome to have Aria back in my life! 😀

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