Road Trip in Tasmania

One MAIN thing to remember while travelling in Tasmania is the unpredictable weather. I was being so naive to think that it will be a hot summer in Australia. I was very wrong!! The choices of summer clothing I packed barely kept me warm at some nights that went below 10°C. There are days where the temperature shot up to 41°C! Like my travel partner, Jolene phrased it ‘you’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no’! Every morning before we left the room, we had a tough time deciding whether to put on more or  wear less. For most of the times, we made the wrong decision and either ending up freezing outside or starting to take off layers of clothes. The best piece of advice we got talking to locals – always prepare clothes for 2 seasons (summer and winter) when you are in Tasmania! A pair of good walking/hiking shoes is a must! Oh, be alert on bush fire too! Do use Teltra instead of any other network service providers as we almost had no coverage at most places there.

This map shows a summary of our 903km drive around Tasmania. We started off at Hobart – Port Arthur – Launceston – Cradle Mountain – Queenstown – Strahan – Hobart.

Tasmania Road Trip Map


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