To experience another land through work and travel visa has been in my head for years. However, due to certain reasons, I never had the chance to apply for any. It still isn’t a plan to apply this year until 10 days ago when my friend mentioned about it over FB chat that another friend of ours thought of applying. Then I thought, this year might be my last year to apply (sucks to grow older), why not give it a shot? So I started to google about the application, even asked a few friends about it.

I actually wanted to travel and volunteer after the season ends this year in November, most probably around Asia or Central and South America. I know one day will come that I would feel the urge to visit New Zealand but just not yet. Still I had already decided to apply for the visa. After consulting a friend, I realised I have to renew my passport in order to do so. Luckily, I flew back to Malaysia 2 days before the application started so I actually had the time to renew my passport.

Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t happen as planned. Thinking that I had everything ready, all I had to do is wake up at 5am on the day the application would be opened. I managed to fill in the online application but as I was about to click to pay, it said quote had been filled up! That was within 40 minutes! Hell!!! My close friend faced the same problem except that the payment page showed up after she refreshed a few times. I obviously did the same but without much luck!

I did feel frustrated but at the same time I felt kinda relief because it also means I could then travel elsewhere. More options available. Even so, I still wished my payment had gone through as my close friend is going and I so wanna travel with her! Thinking on the bright side, I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes some things might be fated. Life is full of surprises and it unfolds itself, most of the time, unexpectedly AMAZING! One good news is I could still try next year or just visit New Zealand under a tourist visa! 🙂

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