A new season

Does a new season means the end of winter that welcomes spring? For those who works on an island or who is involved in turtle work would have a fair idea what a season is. For me, although it is my second year at Ecoteer Perhentian Project, it is also the start of a new season, which should imply the end of the monsoon. However, it is not the case here, at least not now. It is still raining and the weather has remained the same for almost one week. It just feels refreshing…like a brand new start for 2013.

After leaving the island for about 3 months, it feels good to be back. Everything is like deja vu all over again, mostly in a good way but some problems still stay the same. For the past few days, while preparing for the start of the project, it reminds me of how much I had seen, experienced, learned and grown in one year. From an amateur who faced various obstacles to being good at work, not perfect but at least I did my best. More importantly, I have great friends who are not afraid to tell me my weaknesses and how to improve them. I gotta admit, it is way easier to be a follower but it is time to manage instead of doing everything like a kuli. Hopefully, with another great team, it will be a fantastic season!

A friend used to ask me to look at what I had achieved last year, instead of what I hadn’t. The positive feeling can be a motivation to do more and better. As I started to look back, I realised how much I had accomplished and how fortunate I was to have help from all the wonderful people. I sincerely hope that the new season will be GREAT!

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