Recycle Seaglass

It all started with the idea of fund raising for Ecoteer Perhentian Project. Every week, we went to different resorts to do safety briefing to their tourists before snorkel tour. We also set up information booth at different resorts at Perhentian to speak to more tourist, hopefully informing them on eco-snorkelling and marine conservation.

A few gave suggestions of putting a donation box. Our aim was conservation through education, therefore we didn’t accept any donation. We thought if anyone would donate to support the project, we could provide them a gift as appreciation. That was when I thought it would be nice to create these gifts by recycling glass found on the beach.

There were plenty of ideas to create keychains, earrings, necklaces, photo frames, etc, all made of glass. These broken glasses have been in the ocean for so long that the edges are blunt. It is like the ocean acting as sandpaper to make them smooth. We collect them in bulk whenever we do beach clean up.

It was just a trial and we picked pieces of smaller glass to put on friendship bracelets and anklets. The island team did a few, including necklace. The trick is to drill one or two holes on the glass. I decided to do one for myself as a start. I stopped when I left the island and only remembered it recently so I decided to finish it.

My anklet

My anklet

Bracelets, anklets and necklaces made by Ecoteer Island Team (November 2013)

Bracelets, anklets and necklaces made by Ecoteer Island Team (November 2013)

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