Recycle Magazine

Things have been really busy at the project. I remember when I first started working at the project 2 years ago, it was hectic. Eventually it became easier when I got the flow of the work. Second year was more relaxing and I had wonderful interns who were extremely good! This year, Ecoteer collaborates with Blue Temple to start up a dive research project based at Perhentian Island Village. Nothing has been smooth sailing but that’s the challenging part and being able to get the project started is fulfilling. Neil and Sabina run the dive research project and having them here at Perhentian is awesome. We help each other to get both projects to run smoothly.

We spoke about recycling waste to raise fund for the projects and I showed them a few stars made of magazines. Despite the never-ending work, Sabina and I made a pair of earrings. As a trial, the earrings look good! We’ll make more to bring them to our awareness booth at resorts and hopefully raise some money for the project!



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