2015 – Annus Mirabilis

How fast time flies, a year has gone by just like that. It has been a wonderful year. I have accomplished a lot of what I had set out to do this year. Of course there is always more to achieve, goals set for another year.

In mind, I was planning to spend my time between my postgrad research and establishing a turtle project. In reality, I spent all my time and effort in setting up the project. Regrets? No. Even if I could turn back time, I would have done the same thing. Nothing beats living the dream. It has not been easy and there have always been challenges but everything has been worth the effort in the name of translating “science” to “conservation” on the ground.

In the midst of working hard, my experiences taught me a lot about life and people. One thing that I always have to remind myself is nobody is alike! Nobody works alike, nobody thinks alike, which makes individuals unique. It is not fair to put my expectation I have on myself onto others. To be honest, this is not imprint in my mind, at least not yet and I am still trying to get it so I am glad to be surrounded by people who try their very best to work with me.

I am grateful for everyone who came into my life and for everything that happened. It is for you all that it has been a miraculous year and to that, thank you! Bye bye 2015 and Happy New Year. Let 2016 be another great year!


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