Thesis Writing Progress – Sea Turtle Egg Sale

Recently I realised that if I force myself to write, eventually there will be something on the draft. Sometimes I could not figure out what to write or how to go about it and it is easier to take a break and not think about it. However, if I keep thinking about it, I will eventually figure it out.

Yesterday, I started the section titled “Sea Turtle Egg Collectors, Sellers and Middlemen”. Then I got stuck. Surprisingly, I managed to put words down eventually and rearrange the structure. I had breaks in between to visit Fifi’s grave and go for Zumba. Usually I like to wind down the day with something more relaxing and does not require any critical thinking – watching movies or reading a book. But yesterday I decided to continue writing until I feel tired. At one point, my brain felt saturated so I stopped. I tried to sleep but it was past 4am and I was still awake. I thought I would start the next day late but Farah called and that woke me up. Today I continued writing on the section I had started yesterday. Ta da, it was done by 3.40pm. This means I had finished writing one of the interactions titled “Sea Turtle Eggs as a Traded Commodity”.

The next interaction listed on my draft is “Sea Turtles in Conservation”. As usual, I already feel that it is daunting as I don’t know where to begin. Writing is hard because I am sure this will not be the final version. There will be more corrections, rewriting and restructuring. I wish I know of a better way to write faster. My aim is to finish the results chapter before Chinese New Year.

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