About Me

I am quiet but I enjoy talking with the right friends.

I like to spend time at home surfing the net, watching movies, listening to music, sleeping, reading but I also enjoy doing some stunts outdoor.

I have patience but not when I’m being pushed to the limits. Don’t force me to walk away.

 Although the sea seems like a mystery and sometimes the darkness scares me, I still love to be in the ocean.

I try my best to treat everyone equally nice but if you are arrogant, it is best to just ignore you.

I can be forgetful at times but I remember meaningful things in life.

I look like I’m acting cool but in truth, I have too much on my head and I’m just doing my own thinking.

I can be funny, only with people with the right sense of humour.

Don’t tell me not to take it seriously because I am the kind who listen and choose to believe whatever you say is true.

I have a decent bookworm look but look can be deceiving, I actually like to party.

I’m an amateur in most sports. I don’t excel in any but at least I give it a shot.

I am meticulous and most say I’m a perfectionist but that’s how my brain works, can’t change a thing about it so get use to it.

Most of the time, my stuffs are laying around everywhere but it is an organised mess that only I know where things are.

You can say I don’t have a firm ground but I think that’s because I’m flexible and adapt accordingly.

I can be a leader but sometimes I rather just follow.

However, one thing for sure, I’m an easy-going and fun-loving person!

I am also a sleeping godness, I sleep wherever and whenever I can!

My philosophy – work hard and play harder. Life is too short to not live it the way I want it. Although nothing lasts forever, appreciate everyone and everything. 

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