Positive Jar – Week 5 of 2020

Everyday I’m dissertatin’ and writing word after word, paragraph after paragraph, the draft slowly forms. I’m down with the last interaction of the Result Chapter – “Sea Turtles in Tourism”. As usual, I got stuck again. I spent the whole day today staring at that heading and only managed to write 100 words. I find it helpful to know what to write first. This is what takes up the most time. Sometimes it also helps to just write and figure out the what goes where later. Almost there, almost there!!

Positive Jar – Week 4 of 2020

It is the Chinese New Year on 25th January. This year seems quieter and we visited fewer houses. At the same time, the new Coronavirus outbreak happens. It feels safer to stay home. This week has been exciting, partly because of the opportunities that lie ahead in the new year. Looking forward to some changes in life.

Positive Jar – Week 3 of 2020

The past week had been a lot of spring cleaning as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Could not help but think of Fifi. As I cleaned the house, it felt like I was wiping away every evidence that she once lived in this house. She left her fur and whiskers at every corner of the house. She definitely had explored every corner of the house as everywhere I swept or vacuumed, I found her fur and whiskers, which reminded me of her a lot. Thank you for all the love and joy you brought into our lives. Wished that you were at a better place now.


Positive Jar – Week 2 of 2020

Three days late to write a note of what was good in week two of the new year…

The first best news was our new paper titled “To Ban or Not to Ban? Reviewing an Ongoing Dilemma on Sea Turtle Egg Trade in Terengganu, Malaysia” has been published the Frontiers in Marine Science!! Three years plus of persistent writing finally paid off!

The second best moment was meeting Aqilah, my degree course mate, who is also a lecturer at UMT. She is one of the very few who understand the PhD journey. It is always motivating and assuring to share my ups and downs with her. When I think I am doomed, she gives me advises that not all is doomed. We rarely meet but every time we meet up, it has been a good conversation. And we understand that cats that live with us are families, not just animals. Thanks for your kind words and support.